chowzer chowzer little meowzer

Canned Paprika Buttered Cocaine "Chowder" Garlic Cheese Toasted Bread Bowl Platter - the cat

Cinque Terre

brudder time brudder time

early life
chowder was best known for his role as "pepsi brother" in the 2020 hit classic, "pepsi birth". chowder left home at the age of 8 weeks to become a household pet. pepsi, meanwhile, had some prospective opportunities fall through because he was "a boy" and "too old" at the ripe age of 5 months. chowder collaborated with pepsi cat and the two became co-stars and soon a household name.

much of chowder early life was also world traveler. he has been to 2 (two) states, and spent less than 24 hours in two more states in "hotels". he has also peed on a plane after refusing to use a portable litter box at the airport, but it was ok because it was the end of the flight.

much of chowder modern works include "bloodlust", which activated one day where he attacked and made old lady bleed everywhere. all the places the blood spilled, chowder hiff hiffed VERY muchly and tried to bite and tear. one such controversy was "rip down bedroom curtain to chew on bloodstain", which resulted in behavioral therapy and a vet visit. after recovering from his blood addiction, he maintains a collaborative spirit with glade as they attempt to break into the dried salmon treat bag together. they maintain a good relationship as he groom her in car rides sometimes but also sometimes hits her face if she makes him too hot with her body heat