who is she????

Glade "old lady" Meowmeow

Cinque Terre
glade is a orange cat who is also a very old cat. she is 12 years old and was born in 2010 (!!!!). she is older than my mom. and also my grandma. and also my great grandma. she is also older than my brother. she is very old but very playful. she also have VERY big triangle ears to hear with and very big eyes to look with. her whiskers are small.

i am a little sad because she have no milk and also hate when i approach :( so instead i try and lick and groom and cuddle and friendship. she hate this too. i have compiled a list of all things she hate and like. please look at it (with your eyes) and if you know thing she like PLEASE please plea seplease let me know i very want to suckle